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When Noah Kagan at Sumo sent me this direct message I knew I was onto something BIG…

Noah Kagan HubSpot

Most Companies Are Doing Content Marketing Wrong.

My company was too.  

At the start of 2017 I started writing 1 article every week and posting it to our companies blog.  

But after 3 months I took a look at the traffic stats, and this is what I saw:

HubSpot Medium View

Of the 12 articles I’d written, the #1 article had almost 5X more traffic than the next best one.  

5,000 views isn’t a lot compared to other “viral” content on the web.  

But the QUALITY of the traffic was AMAZING!  

Take a look at just a few of the marketing leaders who shared the article:

Dharmesh Shah Medium Share

Founder/CTO at HubSpot

Noah Kagan Twitter Share

CEO at Sumo

Kyle Porter Twitter Share

CEO at SalesLoft

Sean Ellis Twitter Share

CEO at GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers Twitter Share

GrowthHackers Official Account

BTW: I did all of this with no email list (and I’m not a celebrity!)  

When the article started to spread, look who sent me a personal message to setup a meeting:

CMO HubSpot

CMO at HubSpot

I thought maybe I had just gotten “lucky” with this one piece of content.  

So I was determined to make my next piece of content with Noah at Sumo even better.

I researched and wrote the article, then Noah edited for 100% accuracy.  

I then applied the exact same content promotion techniques to Noah’s article as I did with the HubSpot one.  

Here are the results: 

Top Performing Article On Noah Kagan's OkDork

Noah Kagan
OkDork Content Marketing Results

I wrote that article at the top with the headline "8 Marketing Ideas from Inside a $50 Million Startup."

Here's how the article stats breakdown:

  • #1 Top Performing B2B Article In 7 Years
  • 2,700 Shares In The First 15 Days
  • Outperformed Noah’s Viral Giveaways

After just over 30 days I'd generated 28,292 website visitors to this ONE article on Noah's blog:

Intercom Article Traffic

I found a repeatable, scalable system for making B2B content spread.  

But most importantly, the system generates qualified leads and sales opportunities.  

These are people you don’t need to “sell to” because your content has already done the selling.  

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at this email the CEO at Drift sent me after I shared one of my pieces of content with him:

Email to Drift CEO

CEO at Drift 

AND check out this email venture capitalist David Skok sent me who runs (#2 on Forbes List of 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs):

Email to David Skok

VC at Matrix Partners & Author of

OR the email Scott Maxwell, managing partner at another large US-based venture capital firm sent me when I shared a piece of content with him:

Email to Scott Maxwell

Managing Partner at OpenView Venture Partners

The strategic content distribution techniques I use work.  

The best part? I’ve developed a 20-point “tick-the-box” framework you can use to do the same.  

You can use this framework to research, write and promote share-worthy content that generates traffic, customer leads and revenue growth for your company.  

Here is the 20-point framework:  

1. CMM 2. CP 3. A-CP 4. MM 5. CTI 6. IDE 7. RSH 8. WTE 9. EDT 10. PBH 11. EML 12. Viral Supernodes 13. D100OUT 14. IOUT 15. POUT 16. MBS 17. AC 18. AA 19. L/C/S 20. PA  

I was going to explain the whole framework step-by-step with a sexy diagram.  

BUT as I was writing this article Noah at Sumo sent me this personal message:

Full Time With Sumo

Now I’m consulting full-time with Noah on Sumo's growth in Austin, TX.

We are building a repeatable, scalable content strategy to go from 100k/mo to 500k/mo traffic in 5 months.

So unfortunately I won’t have time to finish this article and explain what everything means.  

However if you’re interested in learning EXACTLY how I’m getting these results so you can apply this framework in your own business, then enrolling in my new content marketing course is definitely the best decision you can make right now! 

Inside the course I will show you the EXACT content promotion tactics I use for Noah and other 8-figure+ revenue clients so you can start applying it in your business today.

Great! I want to learn the EXACT content promotion tactics you use for Noah Kagan and other 8-figure+ revenue clients.

If you are interested, please join the waiting list.

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"I worked with Chris on an article on and holy shit he amazed me. Not only did he write one of the best articles I've ever seen on Intercom and how they grew, he also proposed a 4-part marketing plan to actually make it my most popular article EVER. This guy's not normal."

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