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We didn't become the content marketing strategists most often recommended by fast-growing, multi-million dollar tech companies because of our good looks ;)

Chris Von Wilpert

Chris Von Wilpert 11yrs Growth Marketing Experience 

Every software and tech company has the same problem...

They need more sign-ups, qualified leads, monthly recurring revenue and high lifetime value customers with less churn.

Many spend a lot of time and money creating content, but nothing ever happens. No traffic. No customer leads. No revenue growth. Nothing.

Every article we write and promote generates 25k+ website traffic.

We don't write, publish and pray. We reverse engineer every piece of content to get shares, traffic and links.

If you want us to help you take your content marketing game to the next level, then fill out the form below today.

CMO HubSpot

^^What the CMO at HubSpot said after he read our content (hint: our process works)

Who Is a Potential Fit?

  • Funded startups and established companies that have >$1M annual revenue
  • Companies who have a proven sales funnel
  • Companies who have a proven product offer
  • Companies who believe that marketing is about giving remarkable value first (not just cold emailing for a meeting or shoving ads for your product in front of peoples faces before they even get to know you)
  • Companies who want a hands free experience and won't try to micro-manage me or my team
  • Companies who have accurate tracking and know their conversion rate %'s throughout the whole funnel
  • Companies <$1M annual revenue on a case-by-case basis. If you think you are a company with an amazing product that we should help then fill out the form.

Who Is NOT A Fit?

  • If you don't believe in investing in remarkable inbound content do not apply
  • If your product is porn, biz op, gambling, or weapons do not apply
  • If you're interested in using blackhat or unethical techniques do not apply
  • If your monthly budget is below $25,000, tick the option for our consulting instead

Endorsed By Experts

^^What the CEO at said after working with our Chief Growth Strategist ;)

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